Project 365 - Week 17

Linking up with the lovely Laura from Between The Lines for week 17 of Project 365!  This week wasn't too busy for us, but we did get dressed up for a couple of days :)

Day 113 - We went out on Sunday and got all dressed up.  Both of us are wearing our new dresses from Old Navy.  They were on clearance - I love a good sale :)

Day 114 - Someone came into our bed with us and then took over the entire thing.

Day 115 - Nora's newest trick... she can stand up on things now.  It's crazy. 

Day 116 - Nora and Bella had a good game of tug-o-war together.  Bella plays differently with her than she does with everyone else.  She knows that Nora is little and doesn't have a lot of strength, it's super cute.

Day 117 - We had our Catholic Women's League Celebration for Our Lady of Good Counsel today.  It was also the Mass where Josie took over from Heather as our new President and Father Michel's 4th anniversary as a Priest.  So Nora got all dressed up in her cute brown dress again :)

Day 118 - I found this pink Giraffe chair at Homesense... I really wanted to buy it for Nora's room - but we are on a budget.  And the chair was expensive lol.  $79.99.  But it's so cute though!

 Day 119 - We went out for dinner to Milestone's to celebrate Paul being done 3rd year at RMC.  We went with 5 other couples and had a great time.  And that's my new hair cut!  I chopped all my hair off yesterday - it feels awesome.  

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  1. Oh, my goodness! Love the picture with the fluffy pup!

    I have been wanting a little chair for Ethan! That one is cute (not for him, obviously...haha).

  2. Love the dresses! And your hair is cuuute!