Not a good week at all

So I was hoping that today would be better than the rest of the week.... it started off fine. I woke up on time, Bella was being co-operative, things were going great.... until I put Bella in the car for her haircut. Then she started to whine, it was weird. She's never whined like that in the car with me before. She whined the entire way to the vet's office. Then I got out of the car, and let her out of the car while holding onto her leash. Then she saw something, then I hit the pavement. I'm not even sure how I hit the ground, one minute I was standing, the next minute I was on my stomach.... YES, that's right folks, 32.5 weeks pregnant and falling flat on my baby. Not a good way to start Friday. I felt ok. And I went to work. Then I called the Dr's office, and was told, nope, you're not okay - come straight into Labour and Delivery. WTF??? But I'm not feeling cramping, or bleeding, or anything else, but they want to make sure that everythings A-Ok. Which I understand now, but still it made me panic a little bit. Especially since Panda Man was out for the afternoon golfing - not in town and he didn't drive himself there, so he had no way of coming back to go to the hospital with me. So off I went, all by my lonesome. It was a bit nervewracking - they hooked me up to the monitors, but everyone was super friendly and nice, so it wasn't too bad. Baby Bear is doing great - heart rate is great, movement is great - they just needed to make sure that I wasn't having bleeding or anything - so now I just have to relax tonight - I think I can handle that :)

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