New week, new outlook

So after my pretty crummy week last week, I've decided to go into this week with a new outlook. Bad things may happen, but it's my attitude that will affect the outcome. And so far this week has been wonderful. I worked at Carter's yesterday and had a blast. I really like my coworkers there and they have all told me that I HAVE to come back to visit once the baby arrives. Today I taught dance, and it was a great evening. Two of my classes practiced on the stage for recital for the first time today and they did AWESOME! And they are my littlest dancers too. I'm so pumped to see them perform at the the recital. I hope they actually all do the dance lol. After teaching there was a CWL meeting, it went okay. I'm kind of glad that we're almost done with that until the fall - the time commitment is getting to be a bit much for me.

On another Happy Happy Note - I get to see my Mom on Friday!!! I know I just saw her in April when she was here for my shower, but I'm so excited to see her again. I really miss her. It's also only 8 weeks until my sister comes to visit me at MY HOUSE! I'm pumped for her to see the house and meet Baby Bear and to see everything here. It should be lots of fun.

Hope all of you out in blogland are also having a great week so far!

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