One More Sleep

One more sleep and I get to see my MOM!! I'm kind of excited. Can't you tell??? But I have SO much to get done before tomorrow. This is my to-do-list:

1. Make and decorate cake for Convention.
2. Make name-tag for Convention.
3. Put together Operation Common Ground poster board for Convention.
4. Pack for convention.
5. Fix M-A's music for class tonight.
6. Teach from 4-8 tonight.
7. Make cookies for Panda Man (that doesn't have to be done, but he requested them lol).
8. Do Laundry.
9. Go to Panda Man's work bowling tournament this afternoon.
10. Return stuff to mall.
11. Sleep.
12. Go to Dr. Appt.
13. Drive to T-town.
14. Sleep.
15. Do dishes.

and this all has to be done between now and noon tomorrow..... yikes. I better get cracking, instead of being on blogspot... and facebook... and emailing... ugh... lol.

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