Wonderful Weekends

I had a WONDERFUL weekend with the CWL ladies in Trenton. It was very nice to see old friends and to make new friends as well. AND I got to spend time with my Mom which was super nice too. She and I were roomies for the weekend so she got to spend some quality time with me and Baby Bear. It was fun because she was able to feel how active Baby Bear is. When she was here in April, BB wasn't moving too much and now, it's never ending lol. I was also able to spend time with my friend Teena from Winnipeg and her little man Gabriel who is only 10 weeks old. What a sweetie he was!!! I even got to feed him his bottle one morning, BB didn't like that too much and kept kicking him and then he would kick BB back lol, it was cute.

While I was away - Panda Man went into Sears to figure out why our crib wasn't here yet. Turns out, the crib we chose had been discontinued and they cancelled our order without even telling us about it. I PANICKED. But we went into Sears yesterday morning and they were VERY helpful and we ordered a new one, and a new dresser to match, AND they gave us a crazy discount on them so we ended up saving about $400. Thank goodness for that. SO the crib and dresser should be here on June 6 *fingers crossed*.

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  1. Yeay for the crib and dresses discount but it sucks that they didnt even tell you! Sheesh! imagine if you never went to see what the problem was?? BB would be sleeping with you guys! So glad you got to see your Mom. Just think, next time is when she comes for BB's ARRIVAL! WOOOOOo Come on June 28th!