So there are only 21 days until Baby Bear's official arrival. YIKES!!! I'm starting to get very excited and very nervous. And I can't wait until this little one finally arrives and we get to meet him/her. I finally had a dream about the baby last night - and in my dream - the baby was a little boy! That's the first time I've ever had a dream about the sex of the baby.

I don't have my hospital bag packed yet, but I pretty much have everything I need now. I've been getting advice from different friends who are already mommies on what the important things to bring are. The babies room is almost fully ready as well. We have the crib, and the change table, and Paul is in the process of putting the dresser together. I have a few more little projects I want to do for the room.... like putting up the baby's name on the wall - which will obviously have to wait until the baby arrives lol. But I want to put the first letter of the baby's name on the door to the nursery and since we have 2 names picked out, one boy name and one girl name - and they both start with the SAME letter - we can do that now. But it's a secret as to what the names are lol :)

I went out last night and bought all the ingredients I needed to make my own Cherry Cherry Limeade at home... now I'm just waiting for the ice to freeze so I can make it :) I don't quite have the proper ingredients, the website I found said I need Cherry Juicy Juice - which I can't find anywhere in Canada. So I just bought Grenadine syrup... hopefully it will do the same thing for me lol. I also found a website that has the recipe for the little buns and cinnamon butter from Texas Roadhouse, and I can't wait to try those out!! But it's getting freaking hot here so I don't know how much baking I really want to be doing right now. But I am tempted to make sugar cookies today lol. But I think that's just because I'm craving sugar right now.

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