So I had to make headbands for my little dancers at the studio this year as part of their costumes. There were 2 different ones I had to make, ant headbands and squirrel headbands.

So I started with dollar store headbands, and I spray painted them black (and I covered my face and did the spray painting outside lol). I used our puppy pee pads to spray them on because we have about 30 left from training Bella over a year ago lol.

Then for the squirrels (who I forgot to take pics of) I used half a black pipecleaner and wrapped a feather boa around it and hot glued it to stay. And then just wrapped the pipe cleaner around the headband.

For the ants, I hot glued black pompoms to the end of black pipe cleaners and then attached them to the headbands. And voila, super cheap headbands for dance costumes!!

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