Rainy Days

Rainy days suck. I just can't get motivated ever when it's rainy outside. And plus I'm feeling very tired this week. Blame it on the pregnancy and only have 4.5 weeks left until Baby Bear's anticipated arrival, but I'm exhausted all the time now. And I have SO much to do. In the next hour, I have to make 14 headbands for recital pictures tonight.... they are mostly put together already, I just have to attach the pieces to the headbands with hot glue, not too difficult. But I am waiting for the headbands to dry. I had to spray paint them this morning... something I'm not sure I should have done myself, but I did it outside on the front porch and I covered my mouth and nose so I wasn't TOTALLY inhaling the fumes lol. I finally found a use for all the puppy pee pads we bought when Bella was a baby puppy, we used 2 of them and have a huge package leftover. So I used them to spray paint on top of. It worked quite well. I'll post finished pictures of the headbands... if I ever get them done lol. And I have to finish choreographing a dance tonight.

The reason I have to finish the dance tonight is because one of my students has been away for the past 2 weeks. She's been visiting her young cousin who has been at Sick Kids Hospital for the past little while. Her cousin is 2 years old and has terminal cancer, it's so sad and it makes me feel awful inside. Please keep little Peyton in your prayers as she goes through radiation treatments. She's far too young to have to go through this.

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