Part 2 of the western tour

Well we made it to phase 2 of the western tour. And I'm exhausted lol. All this visiting and showing off Nora is fun but boy does it throw her off. The past two days she has started to comfort nurse a lot. It's hard on me because we get up so often for it but it's also hard because it breaks my heart to see her so sad and upset. I would say more about my trip but my mother always told me, if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all lol.

So instead, here are some pictures

Nora with Noodle, her build a bear

Nora at Mosaic Stadium in Regina, in the Rider store

Nora chilling to her iPod in the car

Nora with Grandpa Eldren

Nora at Studio One

Nora's first pedicure experience at Chic :)

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  1. your baby already has a cooler ipod than me!
    seriously though, she is freaking beautiful!!! it's not really fair to call this your trip out west if you don't intend to come allll the way to victoria so i can meet her in person and and give you a hug. LOVE YOU!!!!