Home sweet home

We have now been back home for an entire week. And let me tell you, it's heaven. I missed my bed. And my pillow. And now little Miss N has more of a routine. I can not believe how big she is getting and how active she is now. When I talk, she watches me. And she hold her head up for longer periods of time now. It's awesome.

We are taking Miss N to her first CFL football game this week in the big city of Toronto. She has her game day cheerleading outfit already. Pictures will be posted, I promise!!

On another note, my sister and I have started a new crafting blog and I'm pretty excited about it.
It is Check it out if you get a chance. AND I can pinterest on my phone now. It's awesome!

Here are some pics of little Miss N:

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  1. I think the picture with the ball cap is my fave ♥