Stay at Home Mom

So I'm diving into this whole Stay At Home Mom (SAHM) thing now. And I must say, I'm loving it this week. Last week was rough with Nora being sick and it being my first REAL week with Paul back to work. I'm starting to get into a "schedule" and get into the groove of things. Yesterday Nora and I went to visit a friend, Kyshna, in the afternoon and Nora did really well, she pretty much slept in her Boba the whole time. I'm really enjoying this whole baby wearing thing but it's hard to bake and do the dishes because my arms aren't quite long enough lol. So I have been putting her in her swing while I do those things. Yesterday I made a chicken dinner, and today I'm making chicken noodle soup with the stock and bones from yesterdays chicken. I'm also making buns, and I made raspberry turnovers. I plan to make some banana bread tonight as well. I'm heading down to Georgia for Thanksgiving with the family and Paul is only coming for the weekend (I get to stay for a whole week!! YAY!!) so I'm trying to make some freezer meals and goodies for him so he won't starve while I'm away - and so he won't eat out the entire time lol.

Weekly Meal Plan

Tuesday - Chicken Noodle Soup and Buns
Wednesday - Lasagna
Thursday - Chicken Pot Pie
Friday - Homemade Pizza
Saturday - Pasta
Sunday - Olive Garden *fingers crossed* it's my Birthday and I don't want to cook
Monday - Pork Chops and Potatoes

And numerous baking in there too - I'm making my friend Laura's wedding cake for next weekend (it has to be done by Friday - since that's when we leave for Georgia!!!), hopefully I can do it with no problems :)

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  1. Wow! You're a much more organized SAHM than I am! I don't know how i got a single thing done until Katie started taking one looonnnggg reliable nap everyday. Now I have a good amount of spare time each afternoon. What's a Boba? and what kind of sling/ wrap do you use around the house? I found doing kitchen stuff didn't work well with her in the sling, but i bet a Moby wrap would work great.