Sick baby

So it's official. Nora has her first cold. And now Mommy has her first cold of the season as well. And it sucks. Poor little girl is all stuffed up and can't breathe very well. She keeps waking herself up at night so she's super tired. And when she eats, she has been vomiting because she starts to cough so much she gags. It's so frustrating to have to watch and not be able to do anything about it. Plus we are almost at her 3 month birthday so she will be hitting a growth spurt soon and she's wanting to eat all the time. I know I shouldn't really complain, I've been blessed with a wonderful baby who is mostly healthy and really is a wonderful child. And I know so many people who either can't have kids or are having issues with their babies. But this week has just been hard on me. It's my first full week back at home with Paul in school and I love that man to death but sometimes....I wanna strangle him lol. He just doesn't always understand what he needs to do for Nora so he will bring her back to me, so it's tough. But we will make it through this and Nora will get over her cold and I will one day get more sleep. Maybe when I'm 50.

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  1. In the past week, I've slept through the night twice! it does come eventually. Most people sooner than with Katie, but it will come :) and it is a WONDERFUL thing to look forward to. I mean it's been 14 months since I've slept through the night, and in three months i'll be back where you were three months ago :) But it's so worth every minute of it.