Busy busy week

We have a very busy week ahead of us. This coming weekend is Canadian thanksgiving and we are actually heading down south for it this year. Friday afternoon as soon as Paul is done school we are driving down to Syracuse and then flying to Georgia! We will then spend an action packed weekend with my sister and parents, then Paul will leave on Monday morning and I get to stay until the following Saturday. I'm pretty pumped to be seeing my family again. And I'm even more excited to finally see the Georgia house in person.

On top of this weeks trip, I also have a CWL executive meeting, a CWL meeting, I have to go into Ottawa to pick up Nora's passport, and I'm making my friend Laura's wedding cake which has to be finished and ready by Thursday night. Crazy busy lol. But it's better than being bored lol.

Nora likes snuggling in our bed at night, just for a little bit before we go to sleep. It's super cute!

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