3 sleeps left

There are only 3 sleeps left until I get to see my Mom, Dad and big sister! I'm a teensy bit excited about this trip. And I get to see the Georgia House. Today has been a really nice day - although quite unproductive lol. I went for tea with "The Mommies" this morning which was really nice. I enjoy being able to get out for a little bit with Nora, and it's nice for her to socialize lol. It was nice out earlier today, thank goodness, because we walked to our tea destination. I used the Boba carrier and I must admit, I'm falling more and more in love with it every time I use it, possibly because Nora usually falls asleep instantly when she's inside of it lol. Then this afternoon a friend who was in town from Trenton stopped by to meet Nora. We visited for a bit before she had to head back home and now I'm just preparing my stuff for my CWL meeting and getting dinner ready while Nora snoozes in her swing. Paul should be home from school soon and then we can relax until Nora and I head out. Tomorrow should be a fun day - I have an arts and crafts project planned lol. AND I have to start the cake portion of my friends wedding cakes :) I'm pretty freaking pumped for it. I just hope that they turn out deliciously. I don't want her to hate them. I'm making a three tier cake - the base will be vanilla, the middle tier chocolate and the top tier vanilla. All three tiers will have a raspberry filling and dirty iced with vanilla buttercream icing. And then we will put fondant on them and ice decorations with vanilla buttercream. I'm nervous for the fondant, but I think I can do it :)

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