Changing it up

I have decided that I need a new blog layout. I'm trying to determine what type I want, if I can do it myself, do I have to pay someone to do it, or can I find a nice free one.... oh the choices and decisions are endless lol.

It's been a busy week here getting ready for Halloween and for my ALL TIME FAVOURITE TIME OF YEAR - that's right folks, Christmas is right around the corner!!! But we'll discuss that momentarily. First - Halloween. We had our prenatal Halloween gathering this week and it was so much fun to see all the little ones in their costumes. From left to right - it's Morgan the horse, Rylee the kitty cat, Ethan the tiger, Nora as Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, Jack the dragon and Stella the piggy. We also took them to a professional photographer in town who was doing a Halloween special and we each got 2 poses and 1 group pose for $15 - I was pretty pumped about the deal.

Then yesterday - I went down to Syracuse with Christina and Tracy so we could order Christina's bridesmaids dress for the wedding. I'm pretty excited about the dresses now. :) Then we went to a Halloween party when we got back. Today we met up with a friend of my Dad's who is bringing my wedding dress back from Georgia and we did a bit of shopping - and I got my bath and body works sugar plum hand soap!! Bring on Christmas :) Tomorrow is Halloween so we will take Nora out to a few friends houses and then hand out candy.

AND THEN IT WILL BE NOVEMBER 1st!! And I can officially start decorating for Christmas. Since we already had Thanksgiving in Canada - Christmas is next on the list of holidays and I am beyond pumped for it. It will be Nora's First Christmas and the first Christmas that we actually spend in our house together since we moved to Ontario. I can not wait :)

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