RMC Christmas Ball

So last night was our second date night since Nora was born. It was the RMC Christmas Ball. My preparations began on Tuesday when I went for a pedicure. Then yesterday afternoon I went to the hair salon to get my updo done. The girl who did my hair was amazing. So amazing that I booked her to do my hair for the wedding :)
Then I came home, applied my fake nails lol, did my makeup. And then Paul's parents arrived from out west. We got dressed and posed for some pictures.

Even in my heels I look SO short next to Paul lol. Then we headed off to a Jen's house for pre-drinking, although I just had water because I was driving. After that we headed to the KMCSC, which is the military gym lol. They actually had it all decorated so that it didn't really look like the gym at all.

The evening was fun. But I'm feeling it today. Staying out late really takes it out of me now lol.

And RMC has some of the weirdest traditions ever, when Dancing Queen comes on, all of the cadets strip down. It was weird lol.

All in all, a fun night out.

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