So I totally forgot to post last week.... I went to Breaking Dawn Part 1 on Thursday night for the premiere here in Kingston!! And it was phenomenal. I have been a huge fan of the books since they came out, I wasn't as big a fan of the movies at first but they've definitely grown on me.

Thursday night I left the house at 5:30 pm with my good friend Kyshna, Nora was having her first big Daddy-Daughter date night. We arrived at the theatre at 6:30, after having stopped at the Bulk Barn to pick up some candy for our evening. By the time we got there, there was already a line up outside the theatre. And yes. It was outside. And it was freaking cold. I think the temp was approx -2 Celsius. And boy oh boy was the wind cold too. But eventually we were let inside and we were able to get some really awesome seats.

The movie completely lived up to my expectations. It followed the book quite closely. The wedding was phenomenal and Bella's dress was incredible. Almost makes me wish that I had picked the first wedding dress I tried on instead of the second one lol. But oh the music... I am in love with the soundtrack. AND I love love love where they ended the movie. It was the perfect spot. But I'm bummed that I have to wait another year for Part 2 lol.

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