Craft Fair Fun

So this weekend was the annual Christmas Craft Fair on the base - and it was a good time. I'm lucky because I'm on the list for a table because I work for PSP. It's awesome :) The waiting list is about 55 people right now (and there are 100 tables at the show). I sold my baby tutu's and my friend Danielle sold crocheted baby hats. She made $210 and I made $92. And I gave my business card to several people who were interested in my tutus. I'm pumped for the craft show circuit next year and I'm excited to start advertising my stuff on etsy and on my website (eventually lol). My little lady did really well all weekend so I'm pretty happy with that too. I think she helped bring people to our table - hopefully she can do the same thing for us next year lol.

On the wedding front.... well I'm frustrated. That's all I will say right now but there are a lot of things that are making me extremely upset about everything. And it doesn't help that it's the end of a really tough semester for Paul so he's super stressed and snappy and I'm stressed and snappy. All in all it makes for a not so happy household. But on a happy note - Christina's dress is in so we just have to head across the border next weekend to pick it up :) Thank goodness it arrived before the wedding lol. Now I just need to head to Trenton to pick mine up lol.

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