Tuesday Ten

1. I'm such a slacker when it comes to my blog. I often forget to post. So I made a plan. And hopefully I can stick to it and you'll see many more posts in the future.

2. I did the annual craft fair, and someone ordered a custom tutu. I'm pumped to give this business a whirl. (see - dancer tutu humor lol).

3. Nora bear is sick. And that makes me a sad momma bear. She's so stuffed up and sniffley. I hate weather changes.

4. It's cold and rainy. I would take sun and snow and cold over damp rainy yuckiness.

5. The wedding countdown is on. One month until we are officially married. I'm excited. And stressed lol.

6. We are no longer going tropical south for a honeymoon. And that sucks balls. I'm pissy about it but there's really not much I can do.

7. Our Christmas tree is up. Not decorated. But up. So I'm happy.

8. I am going to see the muppet movie at stars and strollers on Thursday! Can't wait. We saw happy feet two last week and Nora loved it.

9. Tea morning with my girls tomorrow! Yay!

10. Nora bear is 5 months old today. I can't believe how time is flying. This time last year we were starting to tell people that I was expecting. I can't believe how big my baby is already.

We had a fun little photo shoot this afternoon.

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