Christmas Eve?? SERIOUSLY?

Christmas Eve?? Seriously?? WTF?  Where did you appear from?  I am so not ready for Christmas yet lol.  The craziness of family arrived yesterday - so both sets of parents are here, both sisters are here and Nora's napping and sleep schedule is already out of whack.  She was up 4 times last night, which she hasn't done in almost a month.  And all 4 times, she really just wanted to cuddle.  A bit frustrating for me at 3am and 5am especially when Paul doesn't hear her or wake up with her.  I have a couple of peaceful minutes right now because no one else is up and awake yet.  And his parents aren't actually staying at our house, they are staying at our friends house who live 5 doors down from us and are away for vacation :)  It's probably the best thing that could have happened to us.  It's great because it means that we don't have 8 adults and a baby staying in one house trying to get along and shower lol.  I'm trying not to hold onto stress and take things that are said with a grain of salt but it's hard especially because there is some HUGE negativity in the house.  But I'm working on it.  I'm trying to be more positive.  I swear I am. lol.

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