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1. Christmas is in 6 days.  AHHHHHHH.  I'm not panicking yet.  AHHHHHH.  Okay, so maybe I am panicking a little bit already but I'm trying really hard not too.  Our perfect plan for the week has gone out the window because now instead of a staggered arrival of guests (my parents, Danie, Paul's parents and his sister), they are all arriving on Friday.  AHHHHHHH.  And his sister wants to do coffee just the two of them on Friday night??  I don't think so.  There is not enough time for "alone" time unless it's for me and him lol.

2. That means that the WEDDING is in 9 days.  OMG.  So much to do.  So little time.  I dropped of the Bridesmaids gifts to be beautified today... I can't say much more about that until the time they receive them as my sister (and LOVELY Maid of Honour) reads my blog and I can't have her finding out EVERYTHING about her gifts lol.  But let's just say they are superfun, and I can't wait to give them to the wedding party.  Even the mean one. 

3. The Mean One.  I try to stay positive on my blog for a couple of reasons - mainly because if I focus on the yucky stuff I get into a funk - and because I don't know if certain family members read this blog or not.  And I don't want to get in "trouble" for the stuff I write because then I'm being the mean one.  I got in trouble for putting something on my facebook that didn't say ANYTHING about this particular person but they threw a HUGE fit and posted on theirs that "Friends come and go but Family is Forever".  Well if Family is Forever - start acting like it.  It's not your wedding day - it doesn't revolve around you, just be happy for us.  That's all we are asking.  And if you don't want to be here, and don't want to be a part of it - don't come.  And don't lay the guilt trip on us for it.  It's not our fault about anything that's going on in your life.  
*thanks for letting me vent*

4. I'm getting my nails done today - fake ones.  GEL nails.  I'm insanely excited for this.  I haven't had nails like that for about 2.5 years.  Since I moved out east actually.  And I'm getting them for the wedding.  And I'm beyond pumped for them.  

5. I still have a ton of Christmas shopping to do.  But Nora's gifts are bought.  And so are Paul's.  I just have a few stocking stuffers for Nora that I need to get and then it's just extended family gifts.  I have no clue what to get my Dad this year.  He buys the stuff he wants so he's very hard to shop for.  I was also planning on doing those handprint/footprint ornaments for everyone... but I'm nervous that Nora won't co-operate... we'll see lol.

6. The guest room is ready - the living is mostly clean - the basement is almost ready for Danie.... I can't wait for my family to arrive.  Paul's family is staying at a friends house - they live about 4 doors down from us and they are gone over Christmas so they were kind enough to let us "housesit" for them and to let our guests stay there.  I'm happy for that.  We could not fit 8 adults, 1 baby and 1 dog in our house comfortably.  I would probably end up hurting someone.  I may end up doing that anyways lol.  

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  1. The last two lines gave me a good little giggle lol. Enjoy your holidays, and all the best on your wedding day!!!!