Project 365 - Week 2

Linking up for Week 2 with Laura at Between the LinesI'm proud of myself for being able to do 2 weeks of this so far.  I was worried that I wouldn't remember to take a picture every day, but so far so good :)
1.  Super cute sleeping baby.

2. Trying something I saw on good ol' Pinterest.  This makes my house still smell like Christmas, even though all remnants of Christmas have disappeared.

3. Nora and her boyfriend Des :)

4.  Nora and her BFF Bella.  Bella has been SO good with Nora lately, even when Nora decides to grab her fur and pull it as hard as she can lol.

5.  Hanging on the couch with her bunny watching The Lion King.

6.  Playing with the ball the Grandma and Grandpa bought her.  She's a champ and can pretty much sit on her own now... she still topples once in awhile lol.

7.  Her new Giraffe, Safari, with the big eyes, she seems to love him so far.  He's just like Auntie Danie's little guy, Beeper.  I'm so excited we found one for Nora.

Can't wait for next weeks link up again :)  Hopefully I can make it to week 3 lol.

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