New years

I'm not really one for New Year's Resolutions. I find that they stress me out and I end up abandoning them mid-January. This year however, I plan to try to keep a few of them.  

1. Drink more water. I drink enough but lately I've found myself reaching for pop over water. I want Nora to be ├╝ber-healthy as she grows up and if that means me sacrificing pop and candy and junk so be it.  

2. Project 365. I'll be linking up to Laura for this on Sunday's (I'm blogging from the car with no wi-fi right now so no links at the moment). I know she's trying to use her "real" camera but for me, I'm sticking with the iPod camera for now lol. It's way handier for me at the moment and I'm still learning to use our big camera. I downloaded the 365 app for my phone and so far I'm doing good. But it's only the 6th lol.  

3. Menu Planning. we just started menu planning at the end of the year. I found it helped reduce many things - foods that got tossed out, our budget, and the stress I had every night trying to figure out what to make for dinner lol. Hopefully I will be able to maintain this too.  

Hopefully I can stick with these... I may have more later but I'm worried about setting the bar too high and failing lol.

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  1. Meal planning is one thing I started several months ago and it has helped so much! Make sure to allow for flexibility. I rarely appoint days for specific meals unless there is an item for that meal that is time sensitive. I also keep a running list on my dry erase board of items in our deep freezer so if I don't feel like cooking or can't I know what pre-made meals are in there. I also list what proteins / veggies are in there. It helped so much as long as I stayed up to date with it.