Project 365 - Week 1

 I'm linking up with Laura today at Between the Lines for her Project 365.  Hopefully this will help keep me accountable for taking pictures this year :)

1.  Our honeymoon.  Guess where we went??? lol.  It was so much fun.  We took Nanny Danie with us, which was awesome, she watched Nora while we were able to go on some rides, which was super nice. (Nanny Danie is my sister in case anyone was wondering lol)

2. Nanny Danie and I at Epcot Centre in the Morracan pavilion.  It was super cool, I loved all of the different areas they had.
3. Nora's new friend Figment, we will take pictures of Figment every place that we travel and then Nora can look back on the pictures and use her imagination. My sister has a little traveling Lemur named Beeper that she takes pictures of.  Figment was chilling with me in the front seat :)
4. Lunch at the Bears Den with Figment (fitting because our nicknames are Karebear, PandaBear, and BabyBear - also sometimes called NoraBear lol)

 5.  Nora hanging out with Auntie Nanny Danie lol.  She had a blast with her :)

6.  Nora at the Cabbage Patch.  BabyLand General exists.  And IT. WAS. AWESOME.  That's Kaiya - Nora picked her right out of the Patch (well, I did really lol).

7.  Figment chilling on the dashboard on the LONG drive back to Canada.  Did you know that it takes 18 hours from Georgia to get back home??  It was A LONG DRIVE.


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  1. I LOVE the picture of your daughter in the Cabbage Patch!