Miscellany Monday

Oh Monday - you are here again.... linking up with Carissa at lowercase letters today.

1.  I love playdate Mondays, I seriously think that Monday's "dates" are more for me and Pam than the kids.  We also like to dress Nora up and take pictures of her during our playdates.  Pam was our wedding photographer (who did AMAZING work!) and she has a studio in her house.  Which is super cool.  This is what we did today:

2.  We have started to use Quinoa when cooking.  And I must say, I LOVE it.  It's much better than I was expecting it to be.

3.  I partially watched the Grammy's last night.  I love Adele and I'm glad she won.  I also really enjoy Taylor Swift and I thought her performance was super cute.  And I like that it's not just crap music anymore that's winning, it's stuff that actually sounds great.

4.  Nora has been fighting naps all weekend... and it's spilling into the week.  She will be beyond tired but won't go to sleep.  It breaks my heart because you can see how tired she is but she just doesn't want to miss anything.

5.  I am not pregnant.  And I'm not sure how I feel about that.  One part of me is okay with it, and the other part of me is sad.  And to clarify - yes we are trying to have baby #2.  And yes, I know we just had baby #1 only 7 short months ago, BUT we do know that we will be in the same place for the next year and half AND there will be no deployments, no training out of province, no crappiness that the military can and usually does throw at people so it's the perfect time.  I think I'm mostly just disappointed because when we weren't trying, I got pregnant super fast (and I was even on the pill), and now that we are trying - there are no results.

6.  I miss my sister.  I mean, I always miss my sister.  But I wish she lived closer so that when either of us are having a bad day, I can give her a hug or vice versa.  I miss being able to bake with her and craft with her.  Silly military keeping me so far away from her (that and the fact that she moved to the States for work too lol).  I'm planning to go down for a week at the end of March to visit - and I just might be there in time for the Cherry Blossom Festival - which REALLY excites me.  It looks so pretty.  And my parents will be down visiting too.  All in all - a great time to plan a trip.

7.  I'm starting to plan Nora's first birthday party.  I know it's a long ways away - but with us being military - we are trying to give enough advance notice to all family members so they can come out for her birthday :)  It will be during the July long weekend (the Canadian one lol).  I can't decide on a theme though :(  It was going to be Cabbage Patch Kids (I went to the actual Cabbage Patch in Georgia and bought a bunch of party stuff)... but I was perusing Pinterest (oh you time waster you!) and I found a giraffe themed party.  And Nora loves her some giraffe.  Her fave stuffed toy is Giraffy the Giraffe.  She has two pairs of Giraffe slippers, a Sophie the Giraffe, several blankets and toys with giraffes.  So now I'm torn... what do you think Blog world??

And that's it.  I'm out of interesting stuff to talk about.

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  1. your lil girl is presh, pics are gorgeous, you are so lucky to have a friend for a photographer! I watched some of the Grammy's I was so sad over Whitney I cried at the beginning with the LL Cool J prayer...I am so glad Adele one she is so classy and her voice is amazing!

  2. I didn't realize you guys were trying for number two. are you still nursing? I stopped so that i could get pregnant again, and suprise surprise, caught the first egg! nursing can delay fertility even up to a year after you stop nursing( just ask my sister who'e been tryin since we started trying for numbe 2 :( )Anyways! I didn't mean for that to sound negative, just that it could go either way, two extremes being my sister and i. I'm SOOo happy to hear you guys are trying for number 2 though!! GAHHH I love babies :) two is tough at first. thank god for friends and awesome husbands who pull you through the first six weeks :)