Project 365 - Week 6!!

Once again, a little bit surprised that I have made it this far - but I'm pumped about it.  This week has been CRAZY busy for us - through it all I did manage to take some superfun pictures though.

I'm linking up with Laura at Between The Lines again for this!!

Sunday - Morning sleep ins with Daddy are the best!

 Monday - Monday night study/dance parties in Dad's office are AWESOME :)

 Tuesday - Zach's mom is coming home from Basic Training for the first weekend in 4 weeks, we made her cookies to celebrate.  He was SO excited.

 Wednesday - Just hanging out after coffee morning with the wives. 


Thursday - we went shopping.  As you can see - Nora loves Michael's just as much as her Mommy does.  She was wide awake, smiley and babbling the entire time we were there!

 Friday - hanging out at home with Mommy watching some Backyardigans with my new Backyardigans toy that we bought on Thursday while we were shopping lol.

 Saturday - Nora's first bouncy castle experience.  She seemed to enjoy it, even though she was sitting in the corner lol.

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  1. Your little girl is so darn cute! I love your pictures! New follower from BTL's link up.

  2. Love the animal print ensemble! Also, it looks like Daddy and Baby sleep the same. How cute.

  3. Super cute - looks like a busy week you guys had. :-) I love Michaels and Hobby Lobby so much - it's like an illness.

  4. What a lovely set of photos!! Your daughter is adorable, thanks for stopping by my blog :)

  5. Looks like your little girl had an awesome week!