Project 365 - Week 5!

Linking up with Laura again over at Between The Lines for another week of Project 365.  I have made it to week 5 - I repeat - I have made it to week 5!!  I'm so happy that I've made it this far.  I have high hopes that I will actually be able to keep up with this, linking up makes me feel more accountable :)

Sunday - One tired little lady - passed out on Mommy's lap.

Monday - Happy Baby - snuggling in bed with Daddy (we may have all taken an afternoon nap together....)

Tuesday - Watching The Backyardigans (that show is my sanity some days - she quiets down for half an hour and watches the singing and dancing with a huge smile on her face!)
Wednesday - Lazy puppy.  She sits at the top of the stairs and barks.  But she won't even lift her head up.  Just barks lol.

 Also on Wednesday - we took a trip to Wally World.  Nora sat in the shopping cart for the first time ever.  It was adorable - she loved it.  She also helped Daddy pick out his granola bars for the week.
Thursday - RMC had a hockey game vs Queens University at the KRock Centre - we took Nora.  My baby loves cowbell.  She had a blast ringing that thing.  And she seemed to really enjoy the game.  Although she did fall asleep halfway through it lol.
Friday - Play date with Desmond!  They are 2 weeks apart from each other and they get along so well.  They have another play date tomorrow too!  (It's really just an excuse for me and Pam to get together lol).
Saturday - I made these for today,  we went to a Superbowl party so I made football cake pops.  It was lots of fun - a little bit of hard work, but definitely fun :)  And they were a hit today at the party!

Now I'm off to plan for a busy busy week - we have something planned every day this week.  It's going to be crazy!!!!

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