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What do you do for fun on a Friday night?? Me, well, I peruse my weekly fliers and make my next week's meal plan.  I know.  Writing that makes me feel like I'm kind of lame lol.  Oh well.  It brings me happiness :)

Karen 1 - Budget 0
So I've decided to share with you people out in blogland - what a weekly meal plan and grocery list looks like for our little family of 3.  Now remember - Nora is mostly still breastfed but eats solids now too, and we have 4 packages of cereal, a jar of applesauce and some homemade baby food in the freezer so we don't really shop for her on a regular basis lol.

The calendar I use starts on Mondays - so we meal plan from Monday to Sunday.

Monday - Leftover Ham with Asparagus and potatoes.
Tuesday - Baked Chicken Bacon Ranch Tacquitos a la Six Sisters' Stuff (I highly recommend their blog for recipes - they have some AWESOME stuff!) This one we actually made this past week and froze the extras so it's a "free" meal lol.
Wednesday - Sweet'n'Sour Meatballs with Rice.
Thursday - Shrimp Alfredo Pasta
Friday - Pizza
Saturday - BBQ Steak, Potatoes and Corn
Sunday - Slowcooker Ribs and Rice with salad.

Shopping List:
Pineapple (79cents/can)
Mozarella Cheese (97cents/ball) (limit of 4)
Asparagus ($1.97/lb)
Eggs (4.29/30 eggs)
Ham ($7.99/double package)
Steak (approx $20 for 4 steaks = 8 servings for us)
Ribs (approx $20 for 2 racks = 2 meals + leftovers)
Sour Cream ($1.99)
Salad ($1.99)

Total: Approx $ 70 after taxes.  

For several of our meals we already have the meat because we like to buy in bulk at Costco when we can and I also always look for the "sale" meat.  Two weeks ago I bought chicken meatballs at Loblaws for $4.99/box (normally $6.99) and each box gets us approx. 2 meals worth of meat.  I also bought ground chicken for $3.00/pkg and chicken breasts for $5/pkg as well.  

We are doing good with our savings this month so far, I'm hoping that we continue on this path. With the extra money we save this month, we want to put it onto our car payment.  We will finish paying off our car next June (so just over a year away), but if we can put more money onto it now, we can shave time off our payment which will be great since we are hoping to get a van before we get posted next summer.  It will make the trip to our next home SO much easier with baby and dog and maybe a second baby by then (and no, I am not pregnant right now lol).  

Happy Friday to you all!!

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