I am pumped.  Excited.  It's a long weekend.  And yes, I will be at church two of the four days, but I'm still excited.  PAUL IS HOME ALL WEEKEND.  And only has to study.  So that means, I get to relax and do crafts and clean and he will hold Nora when she cries.  YAHOO.

On a crappy note.  Our neighbors do drugs.  We live in a beautiful neighborhood, one would say that it is middle to upper class.  Houses are expensive around here, most of the ones up for sale are $300-$450,000.00.  Yet my neighbors smoke pot.  In their house.  We have these things here called HVAC systems - they are heat exchangers so they circulate air in and out of your house.  I don't know exactly how they work, but they recirculate air.  And our LOVELY neighbors HVAC vent is on the side of the house.  The side that my baby girls bedroom is on.  The side that if I open her window at night in the summer, she will be breathing in pot fumes.  Our houses are close together - that's how they are built here, but SERIOUSLY??  Grow the F up.  These people are our age, possibly older.  They have grown up jobs and they smoke pot on a regular basis.  It drives me bananas.  And now I'm worried about my daughter.  Because we can actually smell it inside our house right now - and all of our windows and doors are closed.  I don't know what to do.  Do I say something to them? Do we call the cops?   Any advice for us out there blogland???

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  1. oh gosh karen. I know how you feel. Our neighbours were DEALERS for YEARS. a bunch of the neighbours called the cops and they would come around and chat with the men. i say, if you find you cant open the windows because all you smell is pot then kindly speak to them. Say you notice a pot smell coming from their house (dont accuse them) and see what they say. If they are nice and say we smoke it then its perfect lead into "can you stop?...can't open my BABY'S window."