So What Wednesdays

SO WHAT......
- if I'm linking up a day late... sometimes things get in the way lol.
- if my daughter is not walking.  She is not any other baby other than herself.  And she is fabulous.  So quit comparing her to others.  (it's not me that is doing it, or her father...)
- if I haven't done laundry in a week - other than diapers.  And I still have at least a months worth of clean underwear - yea, that's right, I own a lot of gitch.  BTW, do any Americans call underwear gitch?  
- if I have a table full of craft projects half started with none completed.
- if I took a three hour nap today... it was glorious.

That's all I got... sorry it's a day late lol.

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  1. A.) Gitch? Never heard of it!
    B.) I didn't walk until I was 14 months and I turned out just fine ;)

    1. WHAT?? You've never heard it called gitch?? that must be a crazy Canadian thing lol.