Um Friday?? Really??

Holy cow.  Where did this week go??  I can't believe that it's Friday already.  This week has totally flown by.  We've been busy.  Let's do a little weekly re-cap, shall we?? :)

Sunday - Easter :)  We went to church in the morning, Nora started crawling forwards and we had our friend Billy over for dinner because his wife was visiting family back home.

Monday - Paul had Easter Monday off of work so we had family time :)  It was awesome.  We went to Golf Town so he could try out new golf clubs and then he took me to Fabricland so I could buy some fabric.  I spent $50.  A bit more than I wanted to but I got quite a bit.  I'm trying to save my pennies so I can get more fabric next time we go down to the States.  It's way cheaper in Watertown at JoAnn's.  

Tuesday - Watched Zachary, had a Catholic Women's League meeting.  I'm the secretary.  And I found out that a member from New Brunswick is moving to Kingston this summer and she's younger like me and super nice, so I'm pretty pumped about that.

Wednesday - Tea Morning with the Otter wives at our house.  It involved a lot of cleaning and baking for prep work lol.  

Thursday - Slept in :)  Then in the afternoon Nora and I went to Stars and Strollers to see Mirror, Mirror and I must say I LOVED IT.  And Nora was really well behaved for the entire movie (which is nice since she is SO much more mobile now lol).

Friday - went to Home Depot this morning to buy 2 ceiling fans.  They were on sale for $39.99 instead of $89.99, I was pumped to find that deal, especially because we want to put a fan in Nora's room and in either the office or the spare room.  It helps cut down on hydro during the summer because we can use those instead of the air conditioning.  And then we came home.  Nora and I went for an hour long walk this afternoon - we walked to the library so I could return my books and then stopped at Bennett's to pick up ham for our pizza tonight.  She slept for almost an hour, straight.  It was awesome :)  And we also stopped at our friend Kyshna's place on the way home for a little visit too.  It was nice to see her.

And I have some great blog ideas for the next couple of weeks.  A lot of stuff has been happening around our neighborhood and I definitely need to sound off about it.  Hope everyone else is having a wonderful Friday!!

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