Project 365 - Week 15

Linking up with the Lovely Laura over at Between The Lines for another round of Project 365.  I can't believe we are halfway through April already!!  Only one month left until I go back to work :(  Sadness.
Day 99 - Happy Easter!!

Day 100 - We went to Golf Town for Paul to check out some golf clubs... somebody else really likes golfing too.

Day 101 - I tried this.  I saw it on Pinterest.  Cut off the bottoms of your little green onions, put them in water and let the regrow.  It actually works!! 

Day 102 - Showing off some blocks in a picture for Grandma. Plus she's wearing her super cute giraffe skirt.  My daughter KIND OF likes giraffes.

Day 103 - Picture time with Daddy!!  They don't look alike at all... nope... not one bit lol.

Day 104 - Went for a drive down by RMC.  With only one year left here, we decided that we need to start taking advantage of the beautiful opportunities we do have. 

Day 105 - My laundry helper.  :)

And one extra from Day 105 - somebody was just waking up from her nap and was so snuggly cute, that I had to take a picture of us :)


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  1. Love that picture of you two!! :) And holy cow do they look alike.. crazy!