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1. Today seemed to be a very challenging day - but it was really just a normal day so I'm not sure why it seemed SO much more challenging.  

2.  My little lady (and when she's older she will be upset that I posted about stuff like this on the, is kind of backed up at the moment.  And I feel like a bad mom because of it.  She will literally scream when she tries to do her business, we tried to give her prune/apple juice this evening but she refuses to eat it.  Anyone out there in blogland have any other suggestions????

3.  I had a Catholic Women's League Executive meeting today and I feel SO great about things to come.  It's really exciting for us and for our church and our council right now.  We have some great ideas for the rest of the year and I can't wait to see them take place.

4.  Paul is at home this week.  For now.  Fingers crossed.  Lol.  He doesn't start his French course until the 28th of May, so he has nothing really until then.  Hopefully.  Unless he gets put on some sort of tasking... which we are hoping he won't be.

5.  I'm feeling very crafty.  But I just haven't had time to do anything lately, between cleaning house, folding laundry, making dinner, meetings with people, I just have no time left.  

6.  I still haven't figured out what I'm doing job wise for the summer... if I'm doing anything at all.  I would love to be teaching over the summer but I still haven't heard back from the dance studio which is kinda sucky, but I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.  I may have an opportunity to watch one of Paul's co-workers two children for 4 weeks which would be a great source of income, but I have heard some not so great things about these kids... so I'm hesitant.   

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  1. for the backing up issue-we always give our daughter lemonade and it always clears things right up. Morgan was never one to be able to drink apple juice to help her out. Not sure what it is about lemonade but gave it to her and everytime within just a few minutes its doing its magic.

    Hope she is able to get cleared up soon! No fun for a little one to be all stopped up.

  2. If lemonade doesn't do the trick ( I've never heard of using lemonade, but i'll keep it in mind :) ) Put her in a nice warm bath, it'll just help relax her body. Make felt food! It's quick and easy to do.