SOMEthing's Drawn

I'm linking up with Mrs K this week.  I can't believe that it's Wednesday already - this week has flown by so fast.  I couldn't believe that it was time to link up and then I saw Mrs. K's blog.  And then I realized I better do a post today lol.

 Picture number 1 - Golf Cart - I thought it was great.  Paul couldn't figure it out when I showed it to him - which isn't good, he golfs all the time lol.
 I was lucky - this one was for a musical theatre friend of mine, so she realized right away that I was drawing The Wizard of Oz and the yellow brick road.
 That's supposed to be Usher.  I wasn't sure how to draw him, so I said that he signed Bieber... we'll see if my drawing was good enough :)

Thanks for visiting today!!

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  1. These are all good. Paul didn't get the first one? That's a pretty good golf cart! Thanks for linking up. :)