Project 365 - Week 19 (a day late)

So I'm a day late with linking up....  it was a busy weekend for us and I totally lost track of time.  And then when I thought I was going to have time to post an entry (last night), Nora was sick and needed some Momma loving.  Poor little gal.  But the good news is that she is much better today and I have time to post!

Day 127 - Laundry Helper extraordinaire!  

 Day 128 - She made it halfway down the hallway and then found a water bottle - when I asked her what she was doing... this was the look she gave me lol

 Day 129 - Playing on Daddy's laptop

 Day 130 - She was very quiet when she woke up from her nap today - and when I walked into her room - this is what we discovered.  She can now sit up and stand up on her own in her crib.  We lowered the crib that day lol.

Day 131 - Nora has discovered that Bella can help her stand up.  Although Bella is not too keen about this and will usually let Nora hang on to her about 15 seconds and then she walks away, causing Nora to fall down lol.  But she gets up and tries it over and over and over and over.

Day 131 - Nora decided to help me clean the bedroom (don't mind my disaster of a closet lol).  Her helping involved pulling clothes out of the shelves hanging in our closet.

Day 132 - 3 Family Garage Sale.  We didn't make AS much money as I had hoped - but we still made $129, so more than we started with lol.  It was a pretty slow day for garage sale business, although I'm not sure why - it was gorgeous outside.

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