SOMEthing's Drawn!

Linking up with the Lovely Major K again :)  I'm probably going to do two blog posts today, yup that's right people - I said TWO.  Cray-cray I know (I totally felt like a Kardashian saying that lmao).  I don't think using the word cray-cray fits my personality, but it's definitely fun to say lol.

Anywho, here are my BEE-YOOOOO-TIFUL drawerings :)

 That is supposed to be a rabbit in a hat.  

 I like to help people out and give them some word hints... just in case my drawings TOTALLY suck lol.
 I'm a bit disappointed in my Cookie Monster - I feel that he looks more like Grover - that's why I added the helpful hint.

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  1. LOL I think Cookie Monster is fabulous, Major K is awesome, and saying cray-cray is fun, too. You, my friend, are awesome. Thanks for linking up!