So What Wednesday!


-    I changed my outfit 3 times today.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to wear.

-    I did a whole lot of nothing today.  It’s Wednesday.  And we didn’t have a group coffee morning because of the next item listed!

-    I got excited because one of my close friends had a BABY today!!  Welcome to the world Rohwyn Cailah Ann!!  She is absolutely adorable.  

-    If we went to the hospital to visit her – I know some people may have wanted to go and didn’t know about it, but I’m BEYOND happy that I was told when she went into the hospital and was told about the birth shortly after it happened.  I was so excited.

-    I am very unexciting, and posted twice today even though I’m quite boring lol. I was actually going to try doing a vlog today but then I chickened out… and by chickened out I mean I didn’t like my hair today so I didn’t want to record myself.  Lol. 

-    My daughter doesn’t like sitting in the grass – it makes things easier when we go out somewhere – I can stick a blanket down on the ground and she won’t try to crawl off of it lol.  

That’s all for today.  Maybe I’ll be back with more tomorrow lol.

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  1. Last year Kendall hated the grass too but this year LOVES it!!

  2. I've always said I won't do a vlog until I have hair and makeup people, which probably means you'll probably never see a vlog from me! However...I like when other people do them *hint hint*! ;)