August?? SAY WHAT???

So yea... it's August 7th... WHAT?? August 7th??  The summer is more than half over.  My baby is 13 months.  And I'm back at work.  Where in the world is time going???  There are some days that I wish I could just hit pause and relax and enjoy everything just a little bit longer.

I'm working two jobs right now (plus the whole Mom gig lol), one at the mall (I'm not technically "allowed" to state where I work on the internet - it's against company policy - but it's pretty much the only clothing store geared towards pre-teen girls) and I'm about to start teaching dance again.  I did one ballet class last week and I'm teaching one tonight again and then next week Summer Dance Intensive starts on Monday.  I'm excited yet VERY nervous about it.  I also really need to start planning my classes lol.  Now my job at the mall - it's a job.  That's about it.  We needed the extra money right now so we can work towards paying off our car completely and finish paying for our Jamaica trip.  I count my work hours as money paid off and really nothing more.  It kind of sucks.  I've been thinking more about home based business type things again - I'm still a Stampin' Up rep and I either need to get things going with that again or I need to just suck it up and give it up (which is hard to do because I LOVE the product).  And I'm still semi-interested in Scentsy because it isn't too big here in Canada yet, so it would be nice to get my foot in the door with that.  But with all this teaching and stuff, I don't want to bite off more than I can chew.  Oh the decisions.

Baby Girl is getting HUGE, and getting into everything lol.  She can sign all done, please, milk and she's starting to do thank you.  And you can tell she's trying to say please when she does her sign too.  It's adorable.  I'm glad that we decided to do some sign language thrown in with real talking :)  Also, she says Mama and Dada.  And Paul swears she said I love you Daddy last night but I'm not sure lol.  We're trying to wean her.  It sucks.  I'm glad that Paul is on 3 weeks of leave right now because he gets up with her the 2-3 times she STILL wakes up at night.  Any suggestions on how to stop that??????

That's all for now - I'm off to work :)

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  1. She's signing?! That's awesome. K still looks at us like we're nuts when we try to get him to communicate with his hands. haha It probably has a lot to do with my husband. When he can't remember a sign, he makes it up! *facepalm

  2. I LOVE baby sign language. I'm glad you guys are doing it. I walked in on Katie trying to teach DJ the sign for milk the other day. As for weaning. I read a book called... the sleep easy solution??? Anyways, it really helped with night weaning. Katie will still wake to go for a pee, and sometimes have a drink of water, but it helped big time when we night weaned her. Scentsy is great. I have a friend who sells it. You get great deals, and it's affordable, unlike some home based mama businesses. Sorry we couldn't make it out to see you guys, but we'll be home three of four times in the next year, so hopefully we can work something out, otherwise I'll have to save my pennies for an exclusive Karen/Pal/Nora trip

  3. How is your ballet class going? I just started teaching last week and I'm sore!!!