So What Wednesday...

SO WHAT IF.......

- I have been letting Nora sleep in our bed for part of the night... if she's not sleeping, we're not sleeping, and with me working again - I need the sleep
- my house isn't spotless - I spend my days playing with my little girl (with a little bit of computer playing too) but our house isn't gross, it's just lived in lol
- I haven't blogged in ages.  It's been BUSY around here.  
- I taught ballet last night.  And I haven't taught that in YEARS.  And I even did some pointe work with them.  And I haven't put on my pointe shoes in 12 years.  I feel old now.
- it's only 62 days until my 30th birthday and I keep reminding Paul about that.  He needs to buy me something good - 30 is a BIG deal.  
- my sewing machine has been sitting out for almost 6 months and I haven't sewn anything yet... I'm planning to soon, this whole going back to work thing has thrown a kink into all of my plans lol.

And that's what's happening today.  And it's August 1st.  Where did July go?  It feels like I blinked and missed it.  And we're not going on any "real" vacations this summer, it's not in our budget - sadface.  But I shouldn't complain because we are going to Jamaica over Christmas break, and that's gonna be AWESOME.  I'm a teensy bit excited for that, only 152 days until we leave :)  And only 290 days left for Paul at RMC, and then we head back "home" for me.  Or at least to the same city as my parents.  I'm super excited for that.  Really really excited.  It's going to be awesome.  Anywho, Happy August 1st!!

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  1. Pointe shoes??! You are a good woman! Those will never be on my feet again! :-)