Oh what a week!

WOW.  What a week this has been.  We have been so busy at our house this.  Okay, I've been so busy this week.  I started teaching the Summer Dance Intensive this week and man oh man are my legs SORE!  I also worked at Justice this week too - and it just so happened that 2 of my shifts were the same days as my long nights at teaching so those days were very tiring and by the time I was done teaching at 8:30... I was ready to fall over.
This has also been a great week at our house too - Paul finished his french course, got his B, so we've been super happy about that.  And we got some other good news that makes us very happy as well - but we can't talk about it quite yet.  And only 272 days until Paul's graduation!! Yippee!!
Sorry this isn't too exciting - I'm just updating quickly before I go to the Women's Expo in our town - I'm pretty excited to see what is out there for us ladies :)
Happy Saturday!!

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