Sore Feet

If you were here right now next to me.... I might ask you for a foot massage.

My feet hurt.  

I taught dance tonight for 3.5 hours.  I love my job as a dance teacher.  But some nights, it just kills my feet lol.  

There has been much drama at the dance studio lately - I try not to get too involved, but it's definitely hard not to.  Our studio is a not for profit organization - so it has a Board of Directors as well as the Artistic Director of the studio.  Right now, the Studio isn't doing too great financially, and many people are not fond of the Board Members (because they don't feel that the BM's have the studio's best interests in mind).  And this evening, our AD gave her resignation.  It sucks, it really does.  But I just have to keep telling myself it's only for one more year and then we move away (thank you Military).  I just hope that I continue to have a job to go to for the rest of the dance season, I've worked so hard with these kids that it would be a shame to have it all disappear.

On a happy note though, the Admin Manager baked me a cake tonight.  Just out of nowhere, for no reason whatsoever, she made me a hot pink Minnie Mouse cake.  And it was delicious.  I love when Random Acts of Kindness occur - it makes me want to do that for someone else now too. :)

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  1. What a sweet thing to do! Gotta love random acts of kindness!

  2. :) I could use a beer, want to go for a beer with me?

  3. Just came across your blog, I am a former dancer and a fellow military wife. Sorry your studio has had so much drama lately!

  4. I hope everything starts mellowing out around there!