Blog Angels Wrap Up!!

I participated in the Blog Angels this past month.  I fear that I wasn't the best Blog Angel in the world but I also think that's because I'm not sure what I could have offered my partner.  Today is our big REVEAL :)

My Blog Partner was.......

Kate over at

She is REALLY awesome and I urge all of you to check out her blog.  She is due with her third baby and they aren't finding out what they are having :)  Which is awesome (that's what we did with Nora).  

As far as being her blog angel - I am following her blog, I've commented on it, I follow her on Twitter now, and I've liked her FB page.  I also follow her Pinterest boards too :)  And I've offered to do a guest post for her while she is having her babe - which is soon because she's 36 weeks right now!!! YAY!!  (the Guest Post is Almost ready - just taking some extra pictures to dress it up a bit lol).

 It's been fun and I wish I could have done more for her, and I look forward to continuing to follow her blog and can't wait to hear all about her new baby when they arrive :)

Thanks to Rosie for hosting this whole thing - I can't wait to participate again!!

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  1. I knew it! :) I'm glad it was you that had me because I was excited to find your blog back! :)
    Thanks for being a great Blog Angel!

  2. You were a tip top blog angel and did everything that you could to connect with your blogger - who clearly appreciates it. I can't wait for you to join in again.

    Thank you!

    Rosie x