Wow.  I can not believe that it is September already.  Let alone September 3rd lol.  It has been a busy Labour Day weekend for us up here.  I worked on Saturday and Sunday at the mall and boy was it busy.  School starts up here on Tuesday morning so EVERYONE was doing their last minute shopping.  It was tough too because the store I work at was really depleted in sizes and selection so people were getting frustrated with us because we didn't have what they needed.  All I wanted to say to them was "well, if you didn't wait until the last minute to do your shopping, you wouldn't have this problem".  But I didn't say that.  I just apologized and said to try back next week.  Sometimes I think I'm too nice.

I also found out that the dance schedule might be changing again - and it affects my schedule and puts me at the studio an hour later on Wednesdays AND makes me have a 1hr.15 minute long break in between teaching that I don't get paid for.  It kind of peeves me a little bit because I wasn't consulted AT all about it.  And in fact, I wouldn't know about it, unless the other teacher had texted me and told me what she was told last week.  She also told me that there is an issue with the fact that I'm teaching all of the classes for one of the competitive teams - which neither of us understand because she only wants to teach 2 nights per week and is completely booked up on those nights, and she's the only teaching the seniors, and the only reason I'm teaching the juniors is because I'm stuck teaching ballet now.  It's a whole mess.  A mess that makes me not want to teach at all anymore, which sucks.

I should have several posts lined up for this week - I took part in a jewelery swap and hopefully I will receive my stuff in the mail this week.  I also took part in a postcard swap, which will also hopefully be in the mail too :)  I love non-bill mail :)

Happy MONDAY!!!

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