Jewelry Swap!!!

This past month I participated in a super fun swap.  It was a Jewelry Swap, hosted by the lovely Melissa over at The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife. 

It took a while for my swap to arrive at my house, but that's because it came all the way from NEW ZEALAND!!!  That's right folks, New Zealand.  I was SO excited :)

This is the lovely note that went along with it (which to my person - I don't think I even wrote my blog address... I know, I'm a bad swapper lol).  It's from Chelsea over at Yours Truly.  Check out her blog - she's pretty cool.  (I may be biased because I received some awesome jewelry but I still say she's cool lol)

The beautiful piece.  Super fun bracelet.  Which I LOVE.  And Nora loves it too lol.

The bracelet on my wrist.  It fits perfectly and it's so nice!!  I wore it out tonight to a friend's house and she noticed it right away and asked what store I bought it at.  I said it was an import from New Zealand :)  I would totally participate in more swaps.  I have SO much fun with them.  If you're interested in seeing more of the jewelry check out this post:

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  1. What a fun swap!! Love the bracelet you got!

  2. That sounds like to much fun! I'd love to join!

  3. I love blog swaps! I did an ornament one at Christmas and I'm doing a fall one this week! :)