Friday letters


Dear Clinic
 You suck. I've been waiting since 9:15. 
It's 10:36 and I'm no closer to being seen. 
Whoever came up with the brilliant idea to not have a 
nurse be able to do this at my doctors office was stupid.
From angry girl who is STILL waiting. 

Dear dance studio
Don't make me angry anymore. 
I just want to teach and have fun. 
I'm sick of the politics and bs. Get over it.
Sincerely a frustrated teacher 

Dear husband - 
Thank you for letting me nap for 2 hours yesterday. 
It was awesome.
Love your loving wife 

Dear Norabear - 
Thank you for sleeping all night-it was amazing. 
I feel super rested today.
Love your happy rested Mama

Dear Women's Expo - 
Thank you for letting me win a one hour massage 
that I am redeeming later this afternoon! I'm so excited for this.
From one excited to be relaxed even more girl.

Happy Friday!!

Oh and one more thing :)

Dear Lord, Thank you for all the blessings you've given us, including this one :)
Love OCdt and Mrs. H and Norabear


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  1. I saw your comment from the link -up and came over to check out your blog =) I'm now a follower! Cute blog! and I love your daughter's name =)

  2. awww Love that little annoucement, congrats! Hope you got into the clinic eventually. Enjoy your massage!

  3. New follower!!

    Cute blog! Hope you have a happy weekend!

    PS I also HATE waiting! Urg..

    Come say hi!

  4. dance studio teaching sounds like a blast!

    new follower :)

    Have a happy Friday! Drop by and say hello!

  5. omg! Congratulations! I love the way you did this announcement. :)

  6. Oh my, congratulations!!! I love the announcement, too cute :) I hope all is well and you are feeling great! And lucky you to win a massage - I hope it was relaxing!

  7. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!! That is the most adorable announcement ever!!! When are you due??!