Georgia On My Mind

It has been a whirlwind 5 day trip.  And I have enjoyed EVERY second of it.  As part of my 30th birthday present this year, my parents gave me a "surprise" trip down to Georgia to visit with them and my sister.  It has been a BUSY trip.

We started off on Friday with a trip to the Cabbage Patch with Nora - it was absolutely fabulous.  It was so much more fun this time around because she is older.  She had a blast hugging the dolls and running Grandpa ragged lol.  
 Auntie Danie, Mommy and Nora sitting in the Cabbage leaves.
 Nora hugging her new BFF.  They were the same size!
After the Cabbage Patch - we headed to the Tanger Outlet Mall for some retail therapy.  That was also a complete blast and Nora got a lot of new outfits from Grandma and Grandpa.  And I managed to find quite a few things too :)

Saturday we drove out to Hobby Lobby in Warner-Robbins.  I was in heaven.  Absolutely loved being able to go there and buy all sorts of fabulous and fun craft supplies that I can't get here in Canada.  We also went to Target.  Another fave store of mine.  And then we headed to Menchie's Frozen Yogurt.  Nora loved it - it was our first time going there, but we do have one in Kingston so that's awesome and we will definitely be visiting there.
On Saturday night we went to La Parilla for Mexican food to celebrate my birthday a little bit early.  It was so much fun - I even got to wear a crazy hat while the mariachi band sang happy birthday to me.

On Sunday we slept in, Auntie Danie finished Nora's beautiful blanket (which will get it's own post later this week because it's SO awesome.)  We went to Cracker Barrel for dinner and it was my first time there.  I had the Chicken and Dumplin's and it was pretty gosh darn good.  I love me some Southern Cooking.  Then we went to Danie's friends house to meet their new baby - the great and powerful O.Z.  (Olivia Echo Zampa).  She is ADORABLE, so teeny tiny - she was born 5 weeks early and only weighs like 5 lbs.  It's hard to believe that in 6 months I will have a teeny tiny baby again too.  And then Danie and I went to Walmart and oh man, people of Walmart are alive and kicking in Southern Georgia.  OH and I found out the HONEY BOO BOO lives like 30 minutes away from my sister.  SO CRAZY.

Today we went to Danie's work to show Nora off lol.  And then we went to the yarn store and to Ulta beauty where I picked up some awesome nailpolish stuff.  So excited to use it.  And then for dinner tonight, we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving a little bit early and had a turkey dinner with lemon merengue pie for dessert.  DELICIOUS.
After dinner, we had art time with Nora where she did fingerpainting for the first time ever.  It was SO much fun.
Loving hanging out in her diaper.
Auntie Danie, Nora and Mommy painting her canvas.
A little bit covered in paint.
 Enjoying some breakfast at IHOP on Sunday.
 Thanksgiving Dessert for Nora, Pudding Pops!!
 Loving her some pudding pops!

Hope y'all have a wonderful week!!  Stay tuned because there will be a BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY COMING UP!!!  In celebration of my 30th birthday TOMORROW!! EEEKS!!!

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