Halloween 2012


Okay, so I'm a bit late with my Halloween post, but honestly between working and morning sickness and spending time with the hubs and the baby, it's been a busy beginning of November.  Today is actually my first day off since Halloween lol.  And my next day off isn't until Saturday!  But I'm okay with that lol.

So here is a BOATLOAD of pics showing how awesome our Halloween was :)

First we have the group photo (in which hubs cut off Nora's head - awesome photo job sweetheart lol)  I'd name everyone but there's a lot of us lol.
 Next we have our awesome awesome costumes!!  We were the Carebears for Halloween this year :)  I made our costumes myself (if you follow me on Instagram you saw some sneak peeks of them). Nora was Love A Lot Bear, I was Cheer Bear and Paul was Grumpy Bear lol.
Our bums, complete with the little hearts!
 My friend Heather who was Tinkerbell giving Nora her Halloween duck.
 As you can see by the second picture - Nora LOVES it.  And she carries it in her little purse all around the house still.
 My witches hats!!
 Pumpkin hummus with our "candy corn" veggies :)
 The MOST delicious chocolate cupcakes ever.  Seriously.  I need more of these in my life.  I might even bake cupcakes tonight because now I'm craving them lol.
Meatballs!!  And our ghost marshmallows in the background.
 Nora with Heather's Mickey pumpkin (Heather used to work at Disney - therefore she is awesome - she's awesome to begin with but this makes her awesomer) and she has been to Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Bash and that's how she has a Mickey Pumpkin - which Nora fell in love with and used to trick or treat.
Putting her candy in and out of the bucket - that was more exciting than the actual trick or treating I think lol.  We only took her to 3 or 4 houses but she seemed to enjoy herself.  And she used her baby signs and said please and thank you everytime.
 Crazy Carebear running through the house - I could not get a shot of her standing still - she is ON the move. ALL THE TIME.
 I did however manage to get a bum shot :)

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween!! And now that I'm *fingers crossed* starting to feel better - hopefully I will be able to post more often!!

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  1. What a cute costume idea! You should have made little bear ears to glue on headbands =)
    We made those witch hat cookies for my son's 1st grade class. They loved them!

  2. Oh my goodness, I love the Care Bears idea!!! And the party spread looks so delicious!

  3. I love your costumes so much! So creative :)

  4. Your costumes are great! What an awesome idea.
    I made witches hats too :)