Today is the FINAL Link Up for Blog Angels.

And if you are interested in this - check out this link for more details of the next Blog Angels - The ULTIMATE XMAS EDITION!!  I'm super excited for it and I think you should all check it out.


We had some questions to answer about our Blog Angel time.  So here goes:

In case you forgot - my Blog that I was an Angel to was Randalin over at:


1. How has your relationship with your blogger and Blog Angel developed since the reveal?
I think it's good - I love reading Randalin's blog.  It has amazing stuff on Montessori teachings and I love reading about her little guy, Kale.
2. How have your helped them out and what help have you received?
For Randalin, I tweeted about her blog and told several of my real life Mom friends about it too :)  I also voted for her on the Top 25 Canadian Mom Blogs.
3. What have you learnt about your blogger since the reveal?
I've learned that Randalin is really awesome and that we actually live semi close to each other, which is cool.  And she is helping me out with my blog now too so that's super awesome!
4. What plans have you to stay in touch in the future?
I follow her on Twitter and Bloglovin now (and let me be honest, there are some blogs I follow on Bloglovin that I mark as read without reading and her blog is NEVER one of those because she always has awesome stuff to read about!)  And I hope to maybe send her family a real Christmas card too (since they live in Canada and all lol).
I honestly have had a blast doing BlogAngels both times that I've participated in it.  And I am so thankful to Rosie for running it and getting it all set up - she's pretty awesome!!  So everyone should totally get involved next time!!! 

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  1. It's fantastic that you had such a great experience and I really hope you will join in again. I love it when I really connect with another blog!

  2. Blog Angels is a fantastic idea. So glad that you had a great experience!

  3. It's great to hear that you had such a great experience.