Fab Friday!

Time to link up with the Lovely Laura for another FAB FRIDAY!!
- I worked at the gym tonight.  I HEART working at the gym.  It's a pretty slack job (in the membership office) but it's so relaxing and so stress free!
- I'm heading down to Watertown to do some cross border shopping tomorrow with my little lady - super pumped for some American goodies.
- I felt Baby Squishy/Timbit (we can't decide on a nickname) move for the first time this week.  It was definitely not gas, and I've felt it a few more times since the first time too!
- Nora looked super cute today - so that was fab lol.  
- Paul has to work all weekend (not so fab) but it means more time for me and Nora to snuggle and have girl time.  I think we might try a few pinterest crafts this weekend!!
- I finally have my Ultrasound scheduled for November 22.  Then we can find out if we are having a he or a she!!  I'm pretty pumped to find out this time.
- Also on the not so fab - drama rama at the studio is at an all time high... but at this point, I don't care anymore so it just makes me giggle now.  Which is weird but I find it fab lol.

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  1. Awesome fab's for sure. YAY for feeling the baby move and for girl time. Enjoy your weekend.

    Visiting from Laura's blog (Between The Lines).

  2. Make sure you say hello to Target for me while you're state side! Bummer to hear about continuing drama at the studio, but yay for stress-free work at the gym!!

  3. hope you got all of your goodies before the storm!! sound like a fun shopping trip!!
    my daughter finds out the sex of her baby in 3 more weeks too...what an exciting time!! congrats and good luck to you.
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you.

  4. hope you got lots of american goodies! and had a great time with your daughter this weekend, won't be too many more of the mother daughter only weekend after your second one makes his/her appearance