Linking up with my pal Randalin today for the first time – Randalin is the lovely lady who did my new blog design – you should really check her blog out.  Also, it’s co-hosted by Lindsey at Ot &Et and she also has a really awesome blog


I’m going to copy Randalin a little bit and talk about Nora first

Nora is…
Growing – up so freaking fast.  She has such an independent little mind now and she’s FINALLY getting taller and gaining more weight lol.  I love how she plays now and how she loves to do more interactive things too.
Making – a mess of everything lol.  That kid can be in a room that’s spotless and within 3 seconds – it looks like a tornado hit it. But as long as she’s having fun – I don’t really care lol.
Worrying – Nora doesn’t have too many worries right now.  I think sometimes she worries that Giraffey has gone missing when she can’t find him right away at night, but that’s about it so far.
Dancing – to Gangnam Style.  That’s right folks, my little girl can do Gangnam Style and it’s a hoot.  As soon as the song comes on she’s busting a move.  As a dance teacher mom – I LOVE IT!
Laughing – at everything.  She has recently learned how to tickle other people and loves to pull up Daddy’s shirt and tickle his belly, so then he laughs, then she laughs and it’s the cutest thing ever.

I am…
Growing – HUGE.  I feel like my belly has taken over.  One of these days I’ll do a real pregnancy update – I wish that I’d been keeping better track this time around, but alas, I’m too tired and busy lol.
Making – tutu’s!  I didn’t do so well at the Craft Fair in November but this month alone – I’ve had orders for 4 tutu’s!! YAY!!  I’m super happy about that.
Worrying – about everything lol.  About moving.  About having two babies under two.  About finishing dances for competition.  About Dance competition.  About having enough hours for mat leave.  About Nora when baby gets here.  About Paul and his school.  About Paul going to Europe without me for a week.  About Paul’s grandmother (we just found out she is quite ill).  About not having a clean house.  This list could go on forever.
Dancing – to competition music.  Only 5 weeks left until my students go to compete – I have only 2 dances that aren’t finished yet.  And it’s frustrating because I’m missing students so I haven’t been able to finish them.  And I’m also starting rec class recital dances too – my brain is swimming with choreography.
Laughing – at my cute baby and her dancing.  It makes me smile so much.

Happy Thursday everyone!!!

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  1. Found you through the currently link! First of all congrats on your pregnancy. I'm impressed that your making a person AND tutus at the same time. That seemed like too much when I was pregnant. LOL. Also, my little man has a giraffie he can NOT live without. We lost it once in a store and spent over an hour retracing our steps :/

  2. What a nice job you have! You little one is a sweetie!

  3. I wish my brain was swimming with choreography. All of the dancing in your life sounds magical. I bet Nora loves it and your newest will too!